THE '100 CLUB'

Top prize each month £100 + 4 other money prizes.

You may buy as many as available that month.

Costs only £5 - per number, per month.

(can be paid by direct debit)



100 Club Winners
1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
4th Prize
5th Prize

Penny Powell

Gary Panons

Jean Colleton

Mary Barnes

Andrew Auger

Emily Cooper

Jean Dolton

Jane Morrison

Maggie Hinton

Rowena Prentice

Nov-21 Caroline S Bloomfield Susan O Close Harry Brown Alison Eastgate Pat Walker
Oct-21 Janet Cooper Graham Bennet Pat Walker George Greenall Luke Cooper
Sept-21 Lyn Cooper Sandra Grindrod Bryan Buckingham Emily Cooper Peter Brading
Aug-21 Penny Bradford Norma Buckingham Susan Close Verona Laughton Barbara Anderson
July-21 Jack Clements Mike Jones Susan O Close Harry Brown Susan N Close
Jun-21 Jack Clements Mike Jones Peter Brading Dave Close Caroline Bloomfield
May-21 Judy Griffiths Christine Anstey John Houlihan Alison Eastgate Barbara Anderson
Apr-21 Susan N Close Basil Morris Deanna Radband Judy Griffiths Kevin Grindrod
Mar-21 Susan Close Nicholas Jones Chris King Mel Cameron Deanna Radband
 Feb-21 Barbara Singh Peter Brading Lyn Cooper John King Allan Powell
Jan-21 Barbara Anderson Malcolm Bradford Sally Gregory Maggie Mille Lyn Cooper

Judy Griffiths

Ian Dick

 Barbara Singh 

Murray Jones

Lyn Cooper

Caroline Bloomfeild

Mel Cameron

Wendy Hurp

Susan Close

Mike Colbrook


Mel Cameron

Sally Gregory

     Pat Walker     

Murray Jones

Fred Hickman Chris Jones Maggie Miller
Oct-20 Not Sold Not Sold Mike Jones Chris King Basil Morris
Sept-20 Barbara Singh Wendy Guy Susan Close Joan Aldridge Caroline Bloomfield
Aug-20 Jean Colleton Bob Williams Wendy Hurp Chris King Judy Griffiths
July-20 Phil Houlihan Donated back to Club Susan Close Barbara Singh Beryl Jones
Susan O Close
Yvonne Hodkinson
Helen Machtett
Joe Elkin 
John King
Bill Stewert
Joan Bayliss
Brian Scholes
Joy Hollier
Phil Houlihan
Jack Clements
Mike Jones
Mavis Hale
Kevin Grindrod
Jean Colleton
Caroline Bloomfield
Emily Cooper
Dave Close
Alison Eastgate
Dorothy Belcher
Irene Whatmore
Sue Adams
Dorothy Belcher
Maggie Hinton
Jean Dolton
Jenny Jones
Helen Machtett
Susan O Close
Susan Close
Susan Close
Mike Jones
Bob Steepe
Fred Hickman
Maggie Hinton
Andrew Scholan
Wendy Guy
Brian Carter
Joe Elkin 
Malcolm Bradford
Irene Whatmore 
Phil Houlihan
Ray Smith
Joan Bayliss
Paul Cooper
Ian Scholan
Marge Scholes 
John Benson
Phil Houlihan
Brigitte King
Andrew Auger


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