Unification of Bowls Oxfordshire


Bowls Oxfordshire is intending to become the fully unified governing body for outdoor bowls in Oxfordshire with effect from April 2025. In preparation for this unification, a draft Constitution has been circulated to all clubs, together with a set of policy documents. These can all be viewed by clicking on the links below. Comments are welcomed from all bowlers in Oxfordshire on these draft proposals. Comments can be made direct to Bowls Oxfordshire using the link below, or via the Witney Town BC Committee. Closing date for comments is 1 December, 2023.


Draft Constitution

DP1 Safeguarding Adults in Bowls

DP2Safeguarding Information Sharing

DP3 Safeguarding Children in Bowls

DP4 Anti-Bullying Policy

DP5 Reasons for Unification

DP6 Contribution to Travel Costs

DP7 Data Protection Policy

DP8 Mixed League Rules

DP9 Misconduct

DP9a Misconduct at County Level

DP10 H&S Policy Statement

DP11 Risk Assessments

DP12 Responsibilities for Fire Safety

DP13 BO Policy on Maladministration

DP14 Code of Conduct and Bowls Etiquette

DP15 Guide to starting a Junior Club Section

DP16 Women's Section - Operating Arrangements

DP17 Mixed Section - Operating Arrangements


Bowls Oxfordshire Comments Form